“At House Cleaning Redmond Oregon, we offer deep Redmond house cleaning takes much longer to complete and is a means for homeowners to get their homes spruced up thoroughly.”

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Deep Cleaning Redmond

Worried that your home hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly for a long time? A deep Redmond house cleaning may be just what you need. At Redmond Oregon House Cleaning, we specialize in deep cleaning for those homes that need a thorough scrubbing down from top to bottom. Our team of cleaning experts work at removing grime and dirt buildup from your home especially the ones that regular house cleaning Redmond cannot effectively remove.

Compared to standard cleaning which is done on the regular, our deep Redmond house cleaning takes much longer to complete and is a means for homeowners to get their homes spruced up thoroughly. Often done once or twice a year, it is also the service we recommend our clients to go for when they book our service for the very first time.

A visibly cleaner home
Perhaps one of the reasons that deep cleaning is an ideal cleaning option to go for when your home has not had a thorough cleaning for a long time is how it can transform your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a brighter and cleaner home immediately after the service is completed. This is also the perfect go-to cleaning solution for people that really want to make a good first impression, especially when they expect to host a party or any special event in their premises.

Flushes out dirt, dust and grimes from every nook and cranny
It’s common for standard residential cleaning to only focus more on surfaces and other areas in your home that are easily visible. However, as the name suggests, a deep cleaning delves beyond the superficial and will ensure that extra dust, dirt and grime that may be hiding behind crevices and nooks and crannies within your residence will be flushed out as well.

Extra clean kitchen area
A regular house cleaning Redmond will ensure that your kitchen surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. A deep cleaning involves a bunch of other extra services including sanitizing and cleaning any small appliances and making sure that gunk is removed from your ovens. Your stove will also be cleaned of food particles and other things that could get trapped underneath the burner. Your baseboards will be cleaned as well as your trash can.

Thoroughly cleaned bathroom
Your bathroom is going to get a lot more attention too. Cobwebs are removed and any light fixtures inside will be wiped and cleaned. Baseboards and cabinets will also get cleaned and sanitized to ensure that your bath area will be sparklingly clean after the session.

Other extra services
Rooms that are normally excluded during standard cleaning will also be paid attention to. For instance, we will make sure that the light fixtures in these other rooms are cleaned. Ceiling fans will be dusted and your doors will be cleaned as well, to get rid of any grime build-up. We will see to it that your blinds and wind wills are thoroughly dusted and banisters will be cleaned and polished. Extensive vacuuming will also be carried out and all baseboards will be cleaned and dusted as well.

​When you need more than just the standard cleaning, you’ll never go wrong with Redmond Oregon House Cleaning.

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